"It is my pleasure to tell you about the miraculous signs and wonders that the Most High God has performed for me."  Daniel 4:2 (NIV) 

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Christian testimony is not only about the things that we say.  Christian testimony is also manifested by the way that we live our lives.  A Christian gives testimony to explain how he/she came to know God through the actions of the Holy Spirit in that person's heart.  Members of Highpoint Episcopal Community Church ("HECC") have many great things to say about the genuine fellowship, caring, and nurturing found at HECC, as shown in the photo above.  Those loving experiences are encouraged and supported at all levels at HECC.  It is precisely those kind of experiences, which affect our members' relationship with Jesus Christ.  A few of the testimonials of our members follow: 


"Why do I continue to attend Highpoint Episcopal Community Church (fka Church of the Atonement)? I am joining with loving, caring people in common prayer and fellowship each Sunday. Prior to the start of each service, I listen to beautiful piano music that brings me to a reflective state. I hear an inspiring sermon that reminds me that God loves me. I leave feeling really good and ready to play it forward. I support what for so long has been a community center for the neighborhood."  Robin  


"HECC is a warm, welcoming community of worshippers whose mantra is the love of God expressed in and by each of us.   In that spirit, HECC is also a vital member of the High Point Community, as a host for thousands each year in city meetings, civic association gatherings, fiestas, group meetings and concerts open to all.  It is a place where one can contribute as he or she wishes and needs, but where one is never lost amidst the throngs."   Duffy 


"I first attended HECC a year ago on a whim, and have become a regular member since then. HECC is, indeed, the friendliest church I have ever experienced.  There is a lot of love in this church community."   Carole

"I was attracted to Church of the Atonement (now HECC) because it was bold enough to proclaim itself as the 'friendliest church in Sandy Springs.'  I decided to see if that claim were true.  After spending only one Sunday at the Church, I came away convinced that the slogan was indeed true.  The level of friendship and genuine caring exhibited by the members of this Church is far greater than that of any other church or organization that I have ever experienced.  I am now a member of HECC for life."  Ted

"HECC (previously called Church of the Atonement) means much to me.  There is a feeling of Love and concern for our fellow members and those who have joined us in the last year.  I first attended the Church of the Atonement in 2016, to actually say goodbye to a friend from many years.  Little did I know that within a month I would be handling the Bulletin for each Sunday, as well as newsletters and other secretarial jobs.  HECC has meant for me a kind of salvation in that I have a closer relationship with our Lord,  I am part of a growing community, and  I can enjoy being an Acolyte most Sundays, as well as training as a Verger.   Being in  a small community, I have a wonderful opportunity to actually get to know the various members, and be able to celebrate their sorrows and joys with them.  We celebrate Eucharist every week and sing during communion.  I really cannot think of any other parish I would rather be in."  Lisa


"Atonement in 2005 was a tough group to break into, but I was determined to return, to give it my best, to test my faith, see what was still there. There was that 'Who-is-that-new-guy type of glance'? That has all changed with HECC. Come visit us and let's be friends, Brothers and Sisters!"  Richard


“I can't tell you how much I appreciate the support of the church for The Capitol City Opera Company. Our mission is all about launching and developing the careers of local professional singers and bringing opera into schools and communities and we do it on a shoestring budget. Without the gift of space in the church, we wouldn't be able to do nearly all the things we do. I hope our free concert series at the church will continue to grow as our way to give back to the community.”  Catherine


I was drawn to this church because of the years of sharing, caring and outreach that have created the presence of Gods love in this special place. When  I come for worship on Sunday's my spirit is renewed and filled for another week. I am reminded to let go of the past week's disappointments and hurts or frustrations; to cleanse my spirit; and to start the new week, refreshed.  I just love "the friendliest little church in Sandy Springs"!  The presence of the Lord is in this place.  Beth

"I have attended High Point Episcopal Community Church (formerly Church of the Atonement) for about 10 years.  Each Sunday I look forward to a meaningful lesson, beautiful piano music, and being with a community of warm, welcoming friends.  On Monday night we have a weekly supper group, where we cook and get to know each other better.  We love welcoming new friends into our group!"  Ree



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