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We are delighted that you have found us. Highpoint Episcopal Community Church ("HECC") is one of Sandy Springs' best 
kept secrets.  Our Church is located on top of a gently sloping hill in the middle of eight beautiful, largely wooded acres along High Point Road in Sandy Springs. At HECC, we provide a church home to those who want to focus on spirituality, pastoral care, and fellowship in a caring, nurturing environment, where Christian “community” is the focus.  

At HECC, we extend a warm welcome and invitation to you to worship with us this Sunday, whether you're just visiting Atlanta, curious about Christianity, looking for a place to worship, or searching for a community that will embrace you as you are. Come join us Sunday morning as we celebrate God's goodness and grace.  Let God's word challenge you to share His light with the world. 

We cordially invite you to come and see what is so special about Highpoint Episcopal Community Church -- the friendliest little neighborhood church in Sandy Springs.

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Highpoint Episcopal Community Church News


Congratulations, HECC!

https://home2.constellation.com/Content/Images/ce_logo.png    Highpoint Episcopal Community Church (HECC) is very pleased to announce that it received notification on Monday from Constellation, an Exelon Company, that HECC had been awarded Constellation’s Community Champions grant of $500.00 – the maximum amount awarded under the program. https://www.constellation.com/content/dam/constellation/community-champions-badge-larger.png Through Constellation’s Community Champions program, its customers can apply for small grants (up to $500) from Constellation for causes that are important to their community.  A month ago, Ted Erck, a Constellation customer, submitted a grant application on behalf of HECC for the stated purpose of buying some new chairs in the old parish hall. These new chairs would replace some very old and worn-out chairs currently used weekly by several charitable and community groups.  Constellation’s notification of the award was indeed a humbling yet gratifying experience, as this Community Champions grant will help jumpstart HECC on its path of replacing the worst chairs of the lot. Even a few new chairs will help support HECC’s community efforts of providing space for meetings and rehearsals on a rent-free basis to several local, nonprofit groups. Writes Carrie Stockwell, Constellation Corporate Relations: “We are pleased to support your community project. . . . Once again, congratulations, and thank you for your dedication and efforts to improve our community!”  We thank you, Constellation, for helping HECC support these local nonprofit groups. 



Thanks to BSA Troop #370.

HECC thanks 22 scouts from Boy Scout Troop # 370, including 4 Venturing Crew female scouts, plus 3 or 4 scout leaders, who spent up to 6 hours on Saturday the 9th cleaning-up and sprucing-up the wooded lot along High Point Road, with Beth Ellis, Roy Wright, and Ted Erck huffing and puffing to keep up with the scouts.  What a dynamic group of youth!  Notice that the two large fallen trees near the north entrance have been removed.  Notice how well-kept the area around Bill’s “Bear and Young Girl” statute now appears at the south exit.  All of this plus mulching, pruning, and gathering trash were accomplished by this can-do group of scouts.  HECC also thanks BSA committee members Kent Garner (who originated this work party idea, organized this committee, and has served as a liaison with troop leaders), Robin Hickey, Roy Wright, and Ted Erck (all of whom have worked with Kent to suggest doable projects for the scouts’ merit badges).

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Community Pop-Up Studio.

Make plans now to join The Rev. Ruth Pattison this Fall in the studio at Highpoint Episcopal Community Church.  Email to tell her that you'll be there (ruthpattison1@gmail.com) or email and ask her to contact you.  For a description of the Fall schedule, Click here:



John Mohr MacKintosh Pipes and Drums

The John Mohr MacKintosh Pipes and Drums, a performance pipe band that performs all over the Southeastern United States, will perform during HECC’s service on Sunday, October 29th.  Always a stirring and inspiring performance and one that you do not want to miss.

11th Annual Fall Festival. 

http://www.highpointcivic.org/resources/Pictures/logo.pngHigh Point Civic Association (HPCA) is the local neighborhood group dedicated to promoting public schools, preserving home values, ensuring safety, and promoting the general welfare of HECC’s immediate area.  HPCA calls HECC its organizational home.  On Sunday, October 29th, the HPCA will host at HECC its 11th annual Fall Festival for the neighborhood.  Five cooks from MSG (Clara and Tom Blalock, Marshall Kress, Roy Wright and Richard Herren) have volunteered to boil about 10 dozen hot dogs for the expected hungry hoards from 12:30 p.m. until about 2 p.m. on the afternoon of the 29th, helping HECC continue this wonderful tradition of cooking hot dogs, so that our High Point neighbors can enjoy the Fall Festival with their families.   


Opportunity to Mix and Mingle. 

Please plan to attend HPCA’s 11th annual Fall Festival on Sunday, October 29th on HECC’s premises.  This is a great opportunity for HECC members to meet their High Point neighbors and demonstrate our friendly, welcoming, worshipping community.  More details will follow.

S&S (Safety & Security).


Image result for keys photos For your personal safety and building security, HECC will rekey all outdoor locks on Thursday the 19thRealized Problems:  Over the years, far too many keys have been handed-out to non-Church members, oftentimes by folks who no longer attend our Church, such that HECC has lost control over who has access into the building.  This, of course, creates a potential safety and security problem for our members while in the building. In addition, some folks with keys do not turn-off the alarm when entering the building or turn-on the alarm when leaving the building, creating two additional problems.  If you have only an occasional need to access the building, perhaps you can arrange for access when Lisa is present or when others with keys can accommodate you.  On the other hand, if you need frequent access into the building, then simply contact Lisa for issuance of a new key.


M&Ms – HECC needs your help.

Image result for m&m photos       Now that we have your undivided attention, “no,” HECC does not need your help devouring those delicious chocolate treats or handing them out on Halloween.  But “yes,” HECC does need your help in serving on two important committees that are being formed – Missions and Memberships – HECC’s version of M&Ms. These two important committees will help shape the future of HECC by laying foundations in these two key areas.  Expect Lang to address these essential M&M committees in upcoming days. Please let Lang, Ruth, Lisa or Ted know if you are able to serve on one of these committee.


Armed Forces Bake-Off

Soldier in battle gear participates in ceremony to open conference. On Sunday afternoon, December 17th, HECC will host the     annual Armed Forces Bake-Off, a creation of the Rev. Rich Sanders and his wife, Rebekah.  Rich announced recently that “[o]ur annual event, the Armed Forces Bake-Off, brings our friends together to celebrate and acknowledge our men and women serving in the military who will be overseas during the holidays.   Every year, on the same day as the Army-Navy football game, we invite our friends and family to our home to bake goodies, package them and put the finishing touch in each box ? a homemade card.  We also pack several hundred gift bags to give to the military service members traveling through our airport during the holidays.  Alas, we have outgrown our kitchen and need a larger space to accommodate all of the helping hands preparing and assembling the treats to be sent around the world. We want to continue our tradition [by using] . . . the HECC kitchen on Sunday, December 17th, 2017 from Noon to 4:00, with . . . a window of time before and after to set-up and clean-up.  St. Michael's Mission, the non-profit, tax-exempt ministry that Rebekah and I started in 2012, works to aid veterans who are in need of soul repair. We help by offering social service resources to them so they can rebuild their lives after re-entry into a world that often is unaware of the injury that war inflicts . . . their unseen wounds.  Many of the service men and women who will receive our packages, might later come to us in need of spiritual care.  We want to be able to offer support.”


Capitol City Opera Company. 


http://www.ccityopera.org/_/rsrc/1490110374280/home/Capitol%20City.jpg?height=87&width=200On Sunday evening, December 17th, the Madrigals Singers of the Capitol City Opera Company  will bring music for the holiday  season to its audience in HECC’s acoustically outstanding sanctuary.   The program features a Renaissance-costumed, a cappella voice ensemble specializing in secular and sacred music, which has spanned the centuries. This holiday program starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are very reasonably priced at $10 per person. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience this outstanding professional talent in action.





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